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The United States Marshal Service was created in 1789 by an Act of Congress at the behest of President George Washington. Its public mandate was to execute lawful warrants. Its covert mission? To hunt down and extinguish “malevolent unnaturals” infesting the colonies. This was the start of an epic struggle by our nation’s legendary lawmen to rid the frontier of supernatural outlaws: vampires, werewolves, demon witches, zombies, shape-shifters and more. Everything you know to be true about American History was a cover story for a war fought in the shadows. This is the secret history of how the West was saved.


Crime Thriller, Drama

Just out of prison, Henry is a professional thief who dreams of resuming his criminal career and reconciling with his estranged wife. His plan is thwarted when he is assigned to a corrupt parole officer who runs a criminal empire inside the LAPD. To survive, Henry must navigate a swamp of corrupt cops, ruthless federal agents and traitorous criminal partners. This is the story of a thief fighting for his life. This is Free World.

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